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Logo Design and Branding

What’s in a name?

Two weeks ago I posted a photo of my process for developing brand names and was amazed by the feedback.

How to come up with a name for your business.

I posted my working notes to show how I come up with a name for a business over at the Reddit post the comments ranged from those who related with a similar design process to those who thought I was “*** psychotic”.

For reference, here is the working notes that resulted in the name HostModern for my client’s hosting company.

How I get from the problem to the solution in branding.

Developing a Logo based on company ideals.

I thought I’d give an update and show you the logo that evolved from this name. Luckily, because I had already spent some time researching the client and discussing his aspirations for the business, I had a good idea of what messages would speak to his clients. I started with the idea of creating a server tower, but in an artistic style – trying to play on the name. A few iterations involved Van Gogh and Picasso style computer hardware.

At the end of the day, whilst these images played well with the brand name, they didn’t speak for the values of the product.

I had to move on from this concept. To get myself thinking about the values of the company I went back to my notes for creating the brand name and looked at a route I had taken then, but abandoned in favor of other options. I had become stuck on the name “Rhino Host” originally, because it alluded to strength and stability. When I thought about these traits and the visuals I had been creating I had the idea of combining the computer tower with a defensive castle tower.

By combining the visual of a computer tower with the principals of a castle tower, I was able to reinforce the messages of strength and stability that had been traded off in the product name.

I did some research and came across the Alhambra, an ancient Spanish fortress and complex of palaces. What struck me about the Alhambra was the imposing tower at its face that used a beautifully mathematical principle (adopted from the Greeks) to form its structure. This castle had everything I needed for inspiration, it was strong, logical and well architectured. All the things I wanted to say through my logo.




With the Alhambra in mind, I then designed a computer tower with the same mathematical concepts behind the Alhambra. By keeping the castle imagery, the association remains of a product that is robust, magestic and everlasting. My client loved the idea and I hope you’ll at least find the process behind it interesting.


alhambra concept



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