Hose Water™ – Graphic Design

Hose Water™ – Graphic Design

Inspired by this post on Reddit. I decided to come up with a package design concept for bottled hose water.

 “Remember the days of yonder, frolicking outside shirtless with your friends. You get thirsty. You turn on that water hose and go to poundtown on your gullet. Best damned water you ever had.

Well no longer does that have to be a memory. Because I am personally bottling hose water at my house and selling it at convenience stores near you! Hose Water™.”



The tag line is thanks to a beautifully astute comment by /u/SomethingFoul, that perfectly sums up the experience of drinking water from the garden hose on a hot summer’s day.

Graphic Design Maitland

If you’re looking for a graphic designer in Maitland, NSW to help you sell bottled Hose Water… or maybe something else, contact us today!

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