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City Side

Why urban clients should look to rural designers

Recently I travelled down to Surry Hills for a meeting with IBA. The trip from Maitland isn’t such a bad one (although poor platforming skills added an extra hour onto my trip). With practice I could get the trip down to two hours, four if you count the ride home. With that in mind an 8 hour day in the city still leaves you with 12 hours left over after travel, so it’s not unachievable for graphic designers and other professionals from semi-rural areas to commute into the city for more face time with city clients. The benefits for the designer are obvious, with the pool of potential clients much deeper in the capitol, but from a clients point of view the benefits are just as enticing.

The benefits for clients

Being a designer in a rural community means you’re selling your services to a client base that (for the most part) don’t particularly pay any heed to trends and styles. They want results and that’s about where it ends. So while designers in the big smoke might be wondering how they can turn your product into a webby award winner, designers in the country are looking for efficiency and a clear return on investment to prove to their clients that it was worth the effort to create a quality website.

Farmland designers are generally more affordable than their counterparts from the concrete jungle. I will concede that printing is often cheaper in the city because of the high volume of work the popular presses to in hubs of commerce, but when it comes to design work – the layouts, web development and branding side of the business – the overheads of a rural designer will be much lower. More affordable mortgages, cheaper rent on office spaces and a lack of exorbitant coffee houses selling $9 double frappachinos on soy mean that here in the Hunter Valley (and even in Newcastle) a designer can afford to lower their prices and still enjoy a living without those expensive overheads. This makes it possible for us to pass on the savings to you.

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City Side

Why urban clients should look to rural designers Recently I travelled down to Surry Hills for a ...

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