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Buri Building & Design Asset Management Site Induction Questionnaire

Buri Building & Design Online Induction is to be submitted and recorded for all Employees and Subcontractors to be Inducted onto Asset Management Work sites.

The Asset Management Online Induction is a set of 20 multiple choice questions that will test your knowledge on safety awareness and general Information of procedures on all Buri Building & Design work sites. This Online induction will take approximately 15 Minutes to complete.

This Online Induction is to be completed by all Employees and Subcontractors who have been selected and contracted to perform work on Buri Building & Design Asset Management work site/Projects. All personnel must login with details of:

  • Full name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Company name
  • White card number

The multiple choice questions are all based on information that is supplied in Buri Building & Design - Asset Management Integrated Management Plan (AMIMP). All the information and answers for all the Online Induction multiple choice Questions are located in the Buri Building & Design Asset Management Integrated Management Plan (AMIMP).

This Online induction will allow for 2 incorrect answers, If at any time you are unsure of the answer to a question please refer back to particular section in the Asset Management Integrated Management Plan (AMIMP).

Once you have completed the Online induction you will be notified immediately of your score, Buri Building & Design will be notified of your success and a record will be kept in the office.

When you have passed the online Induction, you are officially Inducted into Buri Building & Design Asset Management Sites.

If you are not successful at the online Induction, you will have to wait 24 hours before attempting the test again.

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact Buri Building & Design office.

Your Details

Question 1. Why is it important to be inducted into Buri Building and Design Asset Management sites?

Question 2. What information does a “Safe Work Method Statement” (SWMS) provide?

Question 3. When are SWMS required?

Question 4. What are the roles & responsibilities of Employees & Subcontractors?

Question 5. What is a “Safety Data Sheet” (SDS) and why is the information important?

Question 6. Project Managers should be informed by Employees/Subcontractors if the following occurs?

Question 7. When do electrical tools taken onsite need to be tested & tagged?

Question 8. What is the procedure for reporting incident/injury on Buri Building and Design sites?

Question 9. What is the procedure if you are told to evacuate the site?

Question 10. Where is Muster Point 1 and Muster Point 2 in an evacuation?

Question 11. What is the procedure for defects detected at pre-handover?

Question 12. A ‘Non Conformance’ is issued under the following circumstances?

Question 13. How often will a Asset Management Safety and Environmental Inspection be completed by the Project Manager?

Question 14. How often are Toolbox Meetings held and what information does it provide?

Question 15. What is the procedure if you find asbestos onsite?

Question 16. What information does not need to be provided to Buri Building & Design by Subcontractors prior to commencing work onsite?

Question 17. When and where do you store materials/equipment onsite?

Question 18. What steps are taken to ensure risks onsite are controlled?

Question 19. Under what conditions do you preserve completed works and Tenant possessions?

Question 20. What is the procedure for working Alone – (Lone Worker) on Buri Building and Design Projects?

Question 21. Which of the following is performed in an emergency management procedure of a major spill onsite?

Question 22. What is the requirements of using Amenities onsite?

Question 23. Who is Responsible for the provision of 1st Aid Kits onsite?